My name is David (artist name Thirteen Mile) and I’m a producer, songwriter and musician from Manchester UK. I started Thirteen Mile in 2017 to combine two things I enjoy: creating music and working with audio / visual technology.

The music I create takes influence from many styles of music. I would class my music as ‘Electronic Rock’ however, most tracks could be placed within a sub-genre, whether it’s Dance, Drum & Bass, Rock, Indie, House or Trance.

One of the main aspects of Thirteen Mile is collaboration. I collaborate with a variety of vocalists living in the Manchester area, some of which include Tristan Henry, Michael Stewart and Sally Garozzo. On every music release, I also collaborate with film makers to create ‘story telling’ music videos. This includes Adam Anthony / Edward Copestick (Don’t Stop), Hyo Bin Kang (Hurricane) and Arseny Syuhin (Are You Ready).

In 2018, I joined the record label and artist development programme at BHM ( Three EPs are scheduled to be released on the BHM record label; ‘Don’t Stop Never Stop’ (April 2018), ‘Midnight Glory‘ (July 2018) and ‘Gettin Started’ (September 2018).

Influences: My first musical influences are from the late 1990s when I was listening to nu metal/rock: Linkin Park, Audioslave, Foo Fighters, RATM and Metallica. In the mid 2000s I was influenced by electronic/dance music: The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Deadmau5 and Swedish House Mafia. In the last few years, I’m influenced by artists that create a dance/rock combination: The XX, Arcade Fire, Chase & Status, Thirty Seconds to Mars, The Cure and The Whip.

How did Thirteen Mile start? I started producing music in 2010 when I was learning to play the bass guitar. Instead of using a metronome to play along to, I would create my own backing tracks using Fruity Loops Studio. I learnt more about music production in the following years when I taught myself how to write, mix and produce using Ableton Live and Cubase.

Why the name Thirteen Mile? When I created my first track I was looking for a vocalist to work with in the Greater Manchester area. On a music collaboration website, I used the search criteria: Manchester plus a thirteen-mile radius. I liked the sound of Thirteen Mile, so stuck with it.

Other interests: I’m a regular listener of podcasts/radio shows and I’m always searching for new artists that create new exciting music. Some of the podcasts I enjoy are: BBC Introducing ManchesterExposure, UKF, The SelectorSolid Steel and many more.

Angry Baby, May 2018
Wherever his style originates, he gives it his own signature, reliably dance with twists, turns and nods to the world beyond 

The Revue, April 2018
With all the hallmarks of a dance-floor masterpiece, expect this track to be a mainstay of clubs across the Costas and beyond this summer 


Collaborating Artists

Tristan Henry

Tristan Henry

Tristan is a session vocalist & songwriter from Manchester. Tristan has sung on rock/pop/EDM/funky house/Rnb/Rap and hip-hop records. Some of Tristan’s work has charted on the UK Club charts.

Mike Stewart

Michael Stewart

Michael is a vocalist and performer from Manchester. More information coming soon.

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Simon Jones

Simon is a vocalist and performer from Garstang. More information coming soon.

Sally G

Sally Garozzo

Sally is a vocalist and performer from Brighton. In 2004 Sally released her debut album, ‘The Essence of Solitude’, her second album ‘Earth, meet Heaven!’ was released in 2008. Since then Sally has collaborated with many artists to produce varying styles of music from rock to pop.